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Manpower Recruitment

Over the past two decades, AJMS has come to be recognized as one of the leading manpower recruitment agencies in the region. We have worked very hard to achieve this status through providing services that have a level of sophistication and professionalism that is ahead of many. Our work is based on developing a healthy partnership with the client so that our line of communication is sound and we are constantly in touch with their needs and concerns. This simple but fundamental approach helps in identifying and recruiting the right kind of manpower.


Our primary focus is on understanding the client company’s philosophy and values, and then with that in mind, locating individuals who are perfect for the setup and can help the company grow and develop its strategic goals.


Aside from traditional means of recruitment, we use innovative methods and rely on our instinct that has been fine-tuned with years of experience. We also help companies realise that talent acquisition is an important step, and one that requires expertise and know-how that is more in-depth than the regular textbook criteria used by regular hiring managers.


From the moment of identification, through all the processes of interviews, paperwork, travel documents and finally sending off the recruit to the company, our goal has been to ensure that the process is swift, smooth and productive. Whether large or small, the company and its demands are met with the same importance and approach.


In this way, a pleasant and hassle-free experience helps build trust in our work and have made countless clients return for all their future recruitment needs.

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