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Chairman’s Message

As founder and chairman of AJMS my work has increased manifold over the last two decades, much beyond what I had envisioned when I started. Because of the hard work my team and I have put behind AJMS, its name today is synonymous with trust, credibility and professionalism. Together with it has come a heightened sense of responsibility and the will to achieve many more milestones.

At AJMS, we understand that the success of an organization operating under any economic system is dependant to a great extent on the Manpower Resources it has at its disposal. Globally, the need for professionally strong personnel has increased, as corporations now realize how much value they add to their overall growth. In times of recession, the right manpower makes the workplace more efficient and hence generates more income.

More than ever, the demand for such specifically calculated employment has intensified. This makes the work of the HR departments, recruiters, and managers tougher and adds a great deal of more responsibility upon their shoulders. To simply put it, the mantra is now: to place the right people on the right job and at the right price.

The AJMS team of consultants focus their efforts on fulfilling manpower requirements through fast, efficient and reliable services. Our main objective is to achieve Customer Satisfaction no matter how big or small the work order is. And through achieving this customer satisfaction, we have been able to forge successful working relationships that have been the pride of our portfolio.

I humbly thank all our national and international associates and clients. Their trust in us have helped AJMS grow into a large and reliable force that companies and professionals turn to for all their manpower resource needs.

AJMS looks forward to working with you and offers you to try our services for all your manpower resource needs. No matter what the size of your company or job order, we promise you world class service and excellent client satisfaction.

Muhammad Sabir Khan

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